VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke and the Coconut Apes speedrun [32:18]


A preliminary speedrun of MCatCA. Sorry for the weird stuttering, don’t know what was up with my recording.
Obviously a lot of room for improvement, but most of it comes down to remembering the route better and better execution, particularly on whip swings. However, for the first real speedrun attempt, I’m pretty happy with it.
See notes on the speedrun below:

– Time starts as soon as you gain control on the first level
– Time ends as soon as the final cutscene starts (touching the platform at the very end triggers this)
– Using the rope in the air (the lasso type move) makes you fall faster, so is worth looking into for landing on enemies
– Jumping seems to move faster than walking, so I’ll have to look into doing that more
– When lassoing an enemy, you lose all momentum unless in the air. Due to this, when an enemy must be lassoed, it’s optimal to input a jump just before the lasso command to retain forward momentum. Cleaner timing should allow completing the animation on red apes before landing, removing the stop entirely.
– The swinging mechanics are really strange, and I need to work on my timing, particularly on the final race
– Damage boosting seems to be a good idea through some of the crushing blocks, but not on others. Damage boosting doesn’t work in the air, as it will reverse your direction.
– You can lasso out of the knockback animation, but I’ve yet to find any real use for this
– You can’t grapple onto platforms after bouncing on an enemy, but you can connect to swing points

May work on some more strats, since there’s a lot of improvement to be made on this run.

I own nothing but the gameplay itself.


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  1. How did you get it to work with DxWnd? I am attempting to run the game on Windows 7 and could not get it to function despite several tweaking attempts.

  2. Sorry to anyone who seems to hate this video or the fact I played the game. I just thought it would be fun to speedrun a game I played when I was a kid. No need to get up in arms about it.
    Pointlessly hateful comments will be deleted. It's a game, don't think too much of it.


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