TRANSFORMERS Online 变形金刚 – Open Beta Optimus Prime Main Story Gameplay Link Dowload vs Register


Video show First Look Open Beta Optimus Prime Main Story Tutorial of TRANSFORMERS Online
– Change your system locale to Simplified Chinese PRC if you haven’t.
Go to control panel – region and language – Administrative – change system locale to China PRC .
Link dowload :
Link tutorial how to reg a QQ account :
Use TGP to play , good ping with TGP .
There will be an English version ? , On this open beta you can try for free , no need cdkey , game will official OBT on 23/6/2017 CN time . Dark optimus prime and reborn megatron vs Arcee arcee autobot female coming on this .
Tencent game has announced a new MMORPG FPS : TRANSFORMERS Online 《变形金刚Ol》,
Games to restore the film and animation in vivid character Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, etc., unique fighting Transformers personality

china game tencent game mmorpg fps
At the same time, the game uses the powerful Unreal Engine 4, to bring players the ultimate audio-visual experience.

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  1. how to fix when i complete one match my game closes giving me error some like ua4 has crashed please reoprt error

  2. How's the ping on this? I tried cod online and really couldn't get into it as much as I wanted with a ping over 200 most of the time

  3. it showed text error when i opened the client? does this have relation with that i installed the client then changed region or no?

  4. hi im from latinamerica URUGUAY the tutorial to register is the same to TRANSFORMERS? i read monster hunter. And other question can i change the language to ENGLISH i speak spanish but english its good :). THXS MEN

  5. It's not Optimus Prime without his iconic windshield chest. I see this TF design belonging more to the movie-version of Ultra Magnus more than Prime.


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