Top 20 Video Game Glitches of All Time


Celebrating our 20 million subscribers with a Top 20 (TWENTY) list! Ain’t that grand? Come back later today for even more Top 20 action!
Top 20 Video Game Glitches of All Time
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What better way to celebrate 20 million subscribers than looking at the weirdest and hilarious video game glitches out there? Welcome to Watchmojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 20 Most Famous video game glitches of all time.

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List Entries and Rank:
20: Jumping Face
19: Invisible Faces
18: Round 100
17: Giraffe Man
16: Get A Room
15: Backwards Super Long Jump
14: Twisted Doctor Mitchell
13: Creepy Watson
12: The Corrupted Blood Incident
11: The Ascension of the Jackdaw
10: Demonic Babies
9: The Catapult Swingset
8: Hercules Check
7: Pimp my Wagon
6: Bad Physics
5: Glitches Galore
4: Missingno
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. Celebrating our 20 million subscribers with a Top 20 (TWENTY) list! Ain't that grand? Come back later today for even more Top 20 action!

  2. I’ve encountered Missingno. as my name MEECHEM. Use any name you want, but random Old Man glitch Pokémon appear besides Missingno.

  3. Me when i hit a person in driving simulator 2017: haha
    The person: stop it im glitching and my arm hits your car smack
    me: no

  4. The missingno. Glitch has multiple effects, more then just two.
    If you manage to surf cinnabar island and find the missingno. "M" with the glitched name. Catch it and give it a nickname such as "bob".
    Then teach it fly, earthquake, keep one of the two sky attack moves. And whatever else you want to teach it. Give it a rare candy and presto you have a kangaskhan with moves it should not know.

  5. Epademiolists used WoW to see how people would react in a pandemic.

    They should have had players in WoW be locked down and steal toilet paper.

  6. Faster than running move is a glitch in quake series. and it wasn't removed. You can't move faster than running damned!

    Anyways thanks for the entertaining top 10 clips.

  7. At Number 11:
    A waterfall in the middle of the ocean.
    Crew Members are stuck above the hole hovering in the air.
    The Earth has gravity, but the mid- ocean waterfall hole has no gravity! LOL!

  8. i found a glitch in bowser's inside story when one of the characters is on top and one character is on bottom and the character goes in the mucus and then it froze the game

  9. OK, now you're taking the piss, aren't you? I've put hundreds of hours into TES V: Skyrim and haven't found any noteworthy glitches. Sure, I've had a few minor bugs pop up, such as where a quest wouldn't register as completed, or a weapon wouldn't stay on a wall mount, or where I'd come back into a house to find that a previously securely mounted weapon had polstergiested its way across the room…
    Anyway, such things were very minor distractions; nothing noteworthy and certainly nothing noteworthy enough to make it to a WatchMojo list. The only really noteworthy FAIL in Skyrim is that I can't seem to kill children, no matter how hard I try, no matter what kind of monster I end up turning into (ie: volkihar vampire/ vampire/ werewolf/ Daedra Worshipper)…

  10. The Skyrim ones here are lame. The best two are the mannequins who walk around the house by themselves and the Glenmoril witch who stands up after you cut her head off.

  11. I had one on Mass Effect where Shepherd melts on the stairs, he can still shoot and his limbs extend like elastigirl.

  12. All of these are fucking GREAT 😂😂😂
    #6: Now I'm a FLYIN talking donkey

    (I know it's a horse but you know reference)


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