Toontown Rewritten: Let's Play – Part 2: Big Poppy And The Corporate Raiders!


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Toontown Rewritten Let’s Play Playlist:

Toontown Rewritten:

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  1. I always wanted to play this game when I was a kid but after watching this video it looks boring and I’m glad I never played it.

  2. I really laughed at the Coral Deer part. I also remember when during a Sellbot Factory one person kept ironically saying "Good job!" or "Well done!"

  3. bro your first video of this series was the first video I watched of your and your already my favorite YouTuber holy ** lol

  4. ayy, glad you’re back to making ttr videos! used to binge watch your old toontown videos all the time, they were honestly hilarious

  5. Imagine making ToonTownRewritten sound like WoW, really funny lol. "DECIMATED." "THE GRIEF" Makes me wanna download TTR again lmao

  6. God I miss this game. I want to get a PC again so I can play this again. Sucks that I’ll have to start over from scratch but it’s no big deal. Damn. So many memories.

  7. Your commentary always makes me laugh. Flaming Coral Deer with speedchat plus and Big Poppy's little mafia gang had me in stitches. Loving this new series so far 🙂

  8. That really sucks about your videos getting deleted I really liked your Toontown Fellowship lets play series will you be doing another one?

  9. aye man if you ever wanted to do a collab i make " adult " toontown videos as well you should try out corporate clash

  10. please keep this series going!! i loved watching your old ttr videos when they came out, and i don’t think anything will change with these 🙂

  11. If you choose toonup before sound usually you always are able to have a good enough toonup for each playground (and assuming that you choose sound next chance you have its not to hard to catch up to people who choose sound before toonup) but if you choose sound before toonup you get an early start on training sound (but assuming that you choose toonup next chance you have your constantly playing catch up with people who choose toonup before sound)

  12. Dude if you need help with your tontask. I can help you.I need to help a low laff toon anyway. So if you want help just reply because Im on everyday.
    My toon name is Hot Diggity Dog.

  13. Keep up the good content mate! I'd be totally down to watch you stream Big mac, as long as you enjoy it of course!


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