THIS IS THE GLITCHIEST GAME EVER MADE | Generation Zero | Review Gameplay Ep.2


This game is great…..But it has no sauce!
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Skylake 6700
GTX 1070
Maximus VIII Hero
32 Gb Corsair Ram
5TB Hard Drive Space




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  1. Again with the 'Saltinhamn' lol you can't speak Swedish nor read English. That's no bueno, but hey your still my fav YouTuber so you got that goin for you..which is nice.

  2. so realistically by the end of the game there was really only 2 glitch issues one was the robot on the radio signal and the other being the computer which wasnt a glitch.. was just my man being hella blind per usual lol gotta love vladd and the awesoem content only he can give u anxiety and make u smile at the same time lmao

  3. Generation Zero or Mist Survival??? Wich one should i buy? Because both are glitchy as f*** so, wich one is better and more fun, please i want an opinion for today, i'm waiting with my PS4 Dollars to buy something new today.

  4. Even tho this game is a ripoff of scum it still seems pretty cool

    And this guy seems to like it and i like this guy
    In a completely gay way obviously
    So yea
    It gets my special
    Seal of approval

    Luck for you game
    My seal of approval is a special fucking thing and i dont give it out for just anything

    But i made a acception here

  5. Dude love outer middle show been watching you for a year now. Are you planning on revisiting this game at all, really funny to watch you and snipper play together. Peace dude..

  6. Man where is Episode 3??? They did some great updates to the game. Now all I need is to see Madd Vladd play more!

  7. I love how the first video was you jerking this game off, and the second one is you saying its the glitchiest game ever.

  8. Ya get the feeling some dev was playing Hunter: Call of the Wild and said, " Ya know what this game needs.. Killer Robots. " And thats what they did. Why then are there no Animals? The Robots Killed em. LOL Come on now.. there should be Animals! You could have side fun hunting them for resources.

  9. I hope you continue to play this game. I am playing it through with a group of friends and we just came across the 50 Cal.

  10. Duder, the nav points on the mission are the ones you are tracking!! You have all the missions from the warboard in your mission log already. The mission with the nav point has the option to "stop tracking"

  11. The reason your inventory is full, is because you're picking up things you don't need, and you're not managing your inventory. Which is a crucial part of the game unfortunately.

  12. Yea it's pretty damn glitch filled. Great looking game but damn wish i would have waited to buy until they patched the issues.


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