The Philosophy of Archer – Wisecrack Edition


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Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on The Philosophy of Archer!

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Written & Directed by: Amanda Scherker
Narrated by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Mark Potts
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Produced by: Emily Dunbar

© 2017 Wisecrack, Inc.


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  1. If something is flammable it means it can be set fire to, such as a piece of wood. However, inflammable means that a substance is capable of bursting into flames without the need for any ignition. Unstable liquid chemicals and certain types of fuel fall into this category. The opposite of both words is non-flammable. Phrasing, boom!

  2. Replacing “Phrasing” is like trying to replace “Thats what she/he said.” It can’t be done. They are iconic!✌🏾👍🏾🤣

  3. Talk about that (i speak french so excuse my bas english) I first watch "Archer" in dubbing french and it was awful. The dubbing is just a traduction of the show with no second degree. In frech many joke based on language just dont work. The word "penis" for a exemple have not the same impact when you said it in french, because the character just look like a doctor talking to is patient. I have to make a great effort for watching the show again in original version but it worse the price.

  4. Cyril is the guy you marry, Archer is your fantasy. Lana is totally married to Cyril in the upcoming series.

  5. Archer: Woodhouse, she got me to quit drinking (looks down at drink in hand) oh not this, i'm afraid if I quit all at once the cumulative hangover will literally kill me.
    My personal favorite Archer line.

  6. Well for one no one ever seems to point out he dives in a 3 piece suit and two no matter how embarrassing archers life is sometimes id give anything to be just like him a funny alcoholic who seduces women left and right which he never gets credit for he only bangs hookers because he doesnt constantly have hot women where he goes and id give anything to bang lana Kane thats all, Bonne Nuit

  7. I just want to know in this next season how baby abbajean has grown up she was about maybe one and a half years when Archer was shot and put into that, and he was in a coma for three years. She's got to be at least four and a half if not 5 by now. And honestly I want to see Archer tried to be a good father for her. I want to see him grow up to be the father that he himself never had, for abbajean's sake. Because deep down part of me thinks Archer would be an amazing father. Typing this is actually brought me to tears thinking about it.

  8. It's Oedipal Complex not "edible" complex. One implies wanting to kill your father and sleep with your mother. The other deals with food. Two different things.


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