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I’m back with a PASSION for FASHION! This Bratz: Forever Diamondz, a Playstation/Gamecube/DS game based on a children’s line of dolls. Join Sasha, Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and ME, and get ready to get pretty!

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  1. Jared…Where are you? Are you being held hostage? Is this what is needed for you to be released? Please tell us! We will send help!

  2. I played this as a child … actually played all of them Then again these games are meant for seven-year-old little girls so I don’t feel bad bout it

  3. Oh my gosh less than a minute in and nostalgia is hitting me HARD! I didnt play the game but im pretty sure it was a film too

  4. Am I the only one that has this game as a childhood? Yes? Tbh I had a blast playing it when I was a kid, albeit its weird. But when I played P3 my mother would yell at me saying its a satanic game that teaches to commit suicide, hence its a safer option.

    Well…She's not 'that' wrong 😂

  5. oh god i remember playing this as a kid when i was REALLY into bratz. it somehow looks even worse than i remember, and yet i really want to play it again now. i wonder if i got rid of it at some point?

  6. I'm vaguely familiar with Bratz lore, only because my sister had a Bratz movie on DVD, and watched it in my room all the time.

    Those blonde girls in pink are your stereotypical mean girls, and they used to bully the main characters and calls them "brats." So the main characters decide to start a fashion magazine, and they call it "Bratz," taking the name used to insult them and turning it into their brand, as a way of getting back at the mean girls.

    And then they went to London, and started a rock bank or something

  7. No joke my friends actually worked on this game. I had them all sign a copy of it when I found out and I have it proudly on display on my shelf 🙂

  8. These brats video games kinda remind me of moviestarplanet when it first came out

    These games used to be my child hoodxD

  9. I was waiting the whole time for you to say why you were playing this game, lol. I did not receive an answer 😛
    My niece owned this game when I was a kid, she'd always make me help her play it because she would get stuck all the time.

  10. Also, this is what I remember from the first game:

    The reason as to why the Bratz Fashion magazine even became a thing is because Jade was first working for the Twevils [Your Thing Magazine], and the twevils immediately tried to sabotage her work and ruin everything for her. The lady in charge is obsessed with her beauty, self-care and diet, and she treated Jade like a glorified slave girl on her literal first day. Afterwards, the twevils trick her into making her buy a cheeseburger for the Lady in Charge and the LIC freaked out so much that she fired Jade, her children, her children's children, and her children's children's children. Afterwards, she went out with her friends to feel better and they somehow managed to … make their own magazine, labelled after what LIC called them: which is brats. I think. It was like 10+ years ago when I last played this game on PS2.

    Also I have NO CLUE how old these girls are. I think they're meant to be 16 year old highschool students? I remember they once had a movie where they had to help this genie, who wasn't 21 yet so she couldn't grant 3 wishes so she could only grant 1 per person [and the wishes couldn't differentiate between actual wishes and metaphorical wishes i.e: I wish you never did that, for example]. She got kidnapped by the government, the genie? So the girls had to save her…?

    Bratz is bad. But good.

  11. I did actually play a bunch of the Bratz game when I Was younger, and I was in love with them all. I hated all the male characters, but I loved all the main female characters. Like genuinely, GENUINELY hated the male characters. The fashion part of the game was always so much fun, and I hated the blonde assholes. Jade was my favourite. Seeing this again is giving me a fucking nostalgic heart attack.

    Also these games surprisingly never got any better as far as I recall [in terms of controls I mean]. I got REALLY used to the game controls, not sure how. Little me just really liked these games. Also the skates ARE faster, the game just never tells you how to speed up and I don't remember how I learned how to speed up.


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