SNES Longplay [203] Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool


Played by Tarosan

Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool was a 1992 video game that starred Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah, only released in North America.

The game is composed of simple side-scrolling platform levels. On each level there is a hidden “scooter” part. in game, Chester can dash and stun many enemies by jumping on their heads.

The instruction manual contains a popular Engrish that is recognized by many gamers, “As is Chester Cheetah way, is one-person play.” The Engrish spawned due to bad translations and an intent to rhyme in a verse form similar to Dr. Seuss’ anapestic tetrameter.

Yeah… not a big fan of this one sadly, however it was requested on my SNES thread on the forums and I don’t deny requests so yeah this was a game that you probably rented back in the day and then never played it again.


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  1. Not a bad platformer. Would've been beneficial advertising to the company if it showed Chester break into a new bag of Cheeto's after every level.

  2. 0:44–0:45 Maybe this is the actual speed of a cheetah whose been fed an exclusive diet of Cheetos his entire life.

  3. I know a slow ass blue hedgehog that would give the name cheetah a bad rap and put his so called speed to shame.

  4. these graphics are actually pretty solid for when it came out. it kinda falls into the same family as toejam and earl. the music to the 2nd level sounds borderline Secret of Mana. and considering this comes from a snack chip it's pretty awesome. also this guy seems to tear it up pretty well in the demo, nice share

  5. i remember playing this during the summer when I was 9 years old, SNES was hot as a system, I had fun with this game

  6. I always used to play this game when I'd rent it from Block Buster in the early-mid 90's. I want to see if I can find this game somewhere at a flea market and I always ate those cheesies and one time they came out with cheesies that were shaped like Chester Cheetah's paws I also got them. SNES had a lot of great games.

  7. The Bonus Scene music always cracked me up esp when Ol' Chester picked up the guitar and jammed out; looked like Willie Nelson jamming out with the guitar

  8. a "most excellent" gameplay by Tarosan: so wait…y'all mean to tell me the same Kaneko that made DJ Boy and the gem of a shmup that was Aero Blasters (known here in the US as AirBuster) did this? ah well, they DID also make KaGeKi & Blood Warrior, so I shouldn't be surprised at how generic this was, right? but to be fair, it wasn't as crappy as everyone else makes it out to be; just too generic, IMO. at least its FAR better than Awesome Possum!

  9. Thumbs up if you like and eat Cheetos because they're awesome! Except when you get messy all over yourself. Other than that, they're awesome!


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