September 10, 2020
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Automatic rigid box maker, automatic case maker, Automatic wine box making machine and related machines–Blake Xue

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RB185A fully automatic rigid box maker, also known as automatic rigid box machines, rigid box making machines, is the highest-end rigid box production equipment. In the original performance of the RB185, the RB185A automatic rigid box maker is equipped with an industrial camera positioning system. It uses three cameras to scan the position of paper and cardboard box and the Yamaha robot for taking/dropping the box on the right position which effectively improve positioning accuracy (+/- 0.1mm) to meet the ultimate needs of high-end customers. This machine is used in the field of high-grade packaging rigid boxes, involving electronic products, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, stationery, alcoholic drinks, tea, high-end shoes and clothing, luxury goods and so on.


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