*NEW* ATARI LYNX Buying Guide + Screen Mod+ Favorite 12 Games


My buying guide for the Atari Lynx including the two models, my favorite 12 games and the updated screen mod that improves graphics and gameplay significantly.

BUY ATARI LYNX: (Affiliate)

Scrapyard Dog
Blue Lightning
Chip’s Challenge
California Games
S.T.U.N. Runner
Ms. Pac-man
Zarlor Mercenary
Todd’s Adventure in Slime World

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  1. There can be a lot of joy in collecting retro systems that aren't necessarily Nintendo or Sega and hopefully this video can open people's eyes up to something a little different… and often much cheaper!

  2. Mr. big is a fictional character on the fictional tv series "king of the hill" I tell you hwhat. Dont ask me how I know that, because I'm fictional, too.

  3. Picked up my Lynx for the first time in years a couple days back, so naturally that led me to search YouTube videos for more games. This was like the 4th one I watched and it leads off with a game that no one else mentioned: Scrapyard Dog. Holy crap, that game looks awesome. Thanks for a great video. Subscribed.

  4. Recently picked mine up and started playing it again,same one I had at school!
    Screen mod looks cool.
    Just ordered Dirty Larry and Toki 😃

  5. Totally forgot about slimeworld! Would love to play that again. I used to get lost in that game, in a good way. Have great memories of playing california games constantly all day Christmas day, I could not put it down and loved listening to the music. My Dad fooled me by saying if they don't fit he'll take them back as the box was a similar size to some boots or roller skates then when I unwrapped it I couldn't believe my eyes. Rygar was my favourite game, I used to love playing that until late under the bed sheets, I loved the music and sounds, especially at the end of a stage, it was so rewarding and a relief. I wish you had shown Shadow of the beast and Ninja Gaiden and Xenophobe, that was another favourite. I had Gauntlet, Rampage, Roadblasters, and Electrocop was good as well. Just googled games and Battlezone looks good.

  6. The Lynx 2 screen is better. Also I owned one back in the day and don't remember the screen being that blurry. Maybe the screens are deteriorating. The Game Gear was far more blurry and washed out.

  7. I bought the model one with California Games included. I could never get the Half Pike either, and that is almost 30 years of trying. I still have the box, internal contents, and my screen is flawless. I was never able to afford the games as a kid, but Ebay fixed that for me about 10 years ago, I was able to buy all the games I wanted, namely Blue Lightning and Hard Drivin'. If you haven't tried Hard Drivin' it is about as close to the arcade version as one can get.


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