Mega Man X DiVE – Iris Showcase: Gameplay, Skills, Art, & 3D Model


MegaQuint showcases what we are fighting for as Iris from Mega Man X4 arrives in this Rockman X DiVE showcase for her gameplay, skills, art, and animations!

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  1. Oh No Iris Is Dead… Yuko Mizutani Has A Result Of Breast Voice Cancer She Was 51 Years Old At The Time Of Her Death?… WHY WHY…
    start crying
    R.I.P Iris And Yuko Mizutani

  2. Before anyone says she is best waifu she wanted human genocide. Don't know why Zero fell for this chick.

  3. Here's a logic: Why does Zero get an A grade while Iris who depends on Zero on the other hand gets an S grade? How did Capcom grade their characters anyway?🤔

  4. Okay, am I the only person who thinks she should've retained her scythe? I mean, with Massimo in the game and him being the "Heavy Hulking Polearm" wielder of the group, I always assumed that Iris would be the smaller, weaker, but more mobile variant of him.
    I mean, she would still have a sluggish attack speed, but she would still hit hard. That, and just imagining Iris as the "Little Girl with a Big Stick" trope feels like it's just a natural fit for her.
    …. Hell, does this game even HAVE heavy melee weapons? Or is it simply just sticking X/Zero/Axl's style onto every character, a la how Mega Man X8 did it? I mean, I'd understand if that was the case – this does seem like a budget game, after all – but it feels kinda creatively lazy of them, tbh.

  5. whoever gave the green light to Iris to be added, should be fired, or just demoted. 'cause that is RIDICULOUS

  6. Lol i like iris my only s character i have since i lost my first account. Iris voice acting NEEDS to be redone. X4 voice acting is bad


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