Marc Ecko's Getting Up – Mission #9 – Gabe's Hood


Marc Ecko’s Getting Up – Mission #9 – Gabe’s Hood, recorded in full HD.
Marc Ecko’s Getting Up Walkthrough Playlist:

Play as Trane, a “toy” graffiti artist with the street smarts, athletic prowess and vision to become an “All City King” – the most reputable of all graffiti artists. Along your quest, uncover the mayor’s deep, dark secret and use your fighting talents and high-wire graffiti to expose the city’s leader as a corrupt tyrant.

● Platform: PC (Also available for Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft Xbox)
● Recorded using Mirillis Action!
● Rendered using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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  1. graffiti legend Smith's introduction at the 20th minute is a masterpiece , and if you ain't recognizing that moment's greatness , then you're missing a big deal brother

  2. you missed a tag at 10:44, that one is annoying because if you drop down to the checkpoint first the game stupidly won't let you climb back up to get the tag, the first time you're playing through this level you probably won't know that you have to keep on the ledge and move over to the left to reach the bonus tag.

  3. How come in all the play through dog this game nobody ever goes big with the bombs it always bugs me lol when I played I went big every time

  4. To enjoy the game Hi I wanted to play the game I have xbox360 sells in the store wanted to buy I found it cool.


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