Lonely Things:
So Lonely Things is kinda cool, actually. Beware Red Face Guy. Thanks for watching!

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Outro art by – oweeo –

Outro music by – Artificial Construct –

Channel avatar by – Galoo Game Lady –

Nguồn: https://tinquangbinh.net/

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  1. My real name is Grace, so I kept looking up every time you said her name. But the comment about Grace having no friends hit too close to home…

    I like the game though. It's unique in appearance.

  2. I thought about this play through earlier, remembering it was awesome so I had to go hunting for it. Would love to see you play the full version of the game now that it's out. Cheers to your upcoming 500K subs! You deserve it man!

  3. I really liked this one! Cool atmosphere, interesting graphics, nice elements of gameplay to work out the story… it intrigued me! I hope it's still being made, given that it's past 2018 and I haven't seen anything about it until watching this video. I'd love to watch you play the whole game if it does come out!

    Also, Deadly Premonition flashbacks. Oy vey.

  4. The writing in this is surprisingly good. It would be cool if the dev could partner with other people to make a more graphically advanced game.

  5. This game is unique and just… strange, at least. It's memorable, kinda makes you want to keep going to try and understand what's going on.

  6. Game: I’d been driving for so long that I couldn’t remember where I was going.
    Me: That’s a problem.
    John: That’s a problem.


  7. LOL, when she casually says "I fell down", sways off the floor like magic and everything else is upside down XDDD she sure "fell"

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  9. It's got a surreal Hitchcockian vibe to it with gothic undertones. It definitely is spooky. I was also getting really into it before it ended. Can't wait to see you play the whole thing. 🙂


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