LONELY THINGS [Full Playthrough]




Lonely Things is about some dudes that are really into some girls but they don’t like them like that and also a hotel. What?

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  1. Took me a while to recognise this, they did seem to do a fair bit to the hotel since the demo. Very strange game but kind of neat, something different at least.
    If you're looking for more games set in weird and even more surreal hotels The Norwood Suite might be worth checking out. It's not a horror game but it's very odd and definitely unique.

  2. I downloaded the soundtrack from bandcamp, I recommend it!!! It’s creepy, sad, and the jazz in Jane’s room is in the album! Excited to listen to it on a small trip I’m taking tomorrow. Love your videos, they keep my mind off of stressful crap and you’re not annoyingly obnoxious like markiplier or jacksepticeye, but not boring either. Keep it up, you’re awesome! ♥️

  3. The dialogue from the scene where Grace it’s talking about the piano song it’s from a short novel “The House of Dreams” by Agatha Christie. The novel it’s reaaally good. The game not so much.

  4. Now that I think about it, this is a really strange homage to The Eagles' song "Hotel California". It's a bit weird with the red plants but it kinda makes sense. "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave". Idk I could be wrong but that's the only thing that makes this game's plot make sense.

  5. Do you have any settings so that your viewers can write subtitles for your videos? I'd love to help out! I love watching your stuff and I want people who need subtitles to get to enjoy too!

  6. I really really love this game, it's like an episode of Courage the Cowardly dog. Wish there could be more of games like this, or a sequel of this one c:

  7. I saw the moustache, and my initial reaction was along the lines of "…oh, no"…

    Then I saw the description, so I understood. And then, funnily enough… I feel like it's kinda growing on me. Like Kravin might just be one of maybe five people in the world who could pull it off.

  8. Heh, love hearing "I'm an adult" because I also say that after making ridiculous crude comments too!

    Also, it is awesome that your're doing this fundraiser!


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