Lonely Things Demo | Strange Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay | Let's Play Walkthrough


Needing somewhere to stay for the night after a long drive, I find an odd hotel.

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Lonely Things is a first-person adventure game with character interaction and puzzle elements.

After a long night’s drive, you stop at this remote hotel looking for a place to sleep. Waking up in your room later, you find a note stuck to your door warning that your car is gone.

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Nguồn: https://tinquangbinh.net/

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  1. My homegirl and I put your videos on the tv at night and it creates the perfect atmosphere. Love watching you solve puzzles. Great narration.

  2. looks like its going to be a good game…just 1 question…why was he driving in the middle of the road…just curious LOL xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. That’s why I like your gaming channel. I mean, I watch Mark, Jack, & Pewds, but a lot of them all kinda play the same games. I know when I come to your channel, I’ll actually get to see something I haven’t before. I love weird/creepy indie games. 🎮👾


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