Lonely Things was a surprise. I expected unity horror poo poo. What I got was a dark, moody, and very charming lil horror game. Enjoy!

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  1. Omg… too funny at the toilet: "I can't even walk up to it… what do I have to do, like, stand in the corner over here and just like, 'arc up' to get to it?" LMAO! This is one of the many reasons why I love you and your channel!! <3

  2. almost at 24:12 you hear low weird sound in one ear,I'm hearing some weird things lately , so this was annoying.
    ¿عدلت جلستي من الخرشه :

  3. For a recommendation, you might try The Last Door on Steam. It is a pixel adventure game with a cthulhu atmosphere. While the graphics are not the best, the story is really really good and it nails the otherworldly horror atmosphere. Additionally, it mostly avoids pixel hunting and adventure game logic.

    While it has four episodes and lasted me about 6 hours, it is $10 on Steam. So it is a bit steep. Might want to wait for a sale.

    It has a Season 2, which follows a different character investigating the first protagonist. It starts very strong, but towards the end it ends up explaining too much and kind of ruins the atmosphere. But still, both are great games. And I usually hate pixel games.

    As a side note, your merch link leads to an empty Teespring page. I thought you used Amazon now?

  4. "Oh, your face is good"
    That might be one of my favorite Kravin quotes. I don't know why, just the way he said it I guess.

  5. Your belly sounds rather intimidating 😮 Quite a creepy sound effect, you might want to market it to indie game developers!
    Are you on a lazyness diet???

  6. Definitely some questionable leaps in logic, but overall this seemed decent. Ambient music is nice, and I like the character designs. Overall, I'd probably give this a seven or so out of ten.

  7. The monsters look like they're straight out of Timore. Otherwise I agree with Kravin, it definitely looks promising.


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