Let's Play Sky Factory 23: Magical Me?


Join Vallen for some mischief as he journeys through this new FTB modpack from Bacon Donut in his first skyblocks adventure! Sky Factory 2.5! Feel free to donate advice, tips, encouragement, or even sneaky surprises in the comments or on reddit to help along the way!

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  1. Hey Mischief, wanted to let you know, the reason why the T key does that weird thing when you hover over an item is due to an NEI Feature.

    If you press T while hovering over an item, and that item is found in a nearby inventory, that inventory (aka a chest or the like) will give off a small particle effect for a second or two.
    I don't know if you can disable this feature, but I'm sure you can change what button it is on.

    Hope you have a good rest of your day.

    Here's a direct quote from the patch notes:

    Added NEI "Search For Item In Nearby Inventories" button (Default 'T'). Press this button while hovering over any item in a GUI, and any nearby inventories that contain that item will give off particles. It uses fuzzy matching, so NBT and certain types of metadata will be ignored.

  2. One of the things you can put into the slots on the right side of the terminal gui is viewcells. Viewcells allow you to look at your inventory via a grouping of your choosing. For example, you could create a view cell that is only building blocks. You could create another one that shows only items from a certain mod such as forestry. To create a view cell you will need a drive formatter.

  3. Maybe you should take Magical Me with you to a Nether Fortress and convert one of the intersections into a wither skellington farm. Since you need to level up your sword and fighting a wither will require wither skulls, you could do both at the same time.

  4. The main reason AE is supossedly so go is the following:
    1) Ability to craft items and the system automatically pulls from your inventory
    2) Ability to automate processes, not just crafting. (ex ore -> redstone furnace = ingot)
    3) Ability to automate crafting process for items crafted on a regular basis (You can even set up the system in such a way that it keep so much of an item in stock. It will craft whenever the stock falls below a certain amount)
    4) Ability to automate multi tier items (ex wood -> planks -> sticks)

  5. Check your mob drop drawers for slime balls. Or open loot bags. I should put a thumbs down for the reminder of that Awful character. But Harry Potter mention FTW.

  6. i wasn't person who told you of flim flam
    remember you can only have 8 connectors to your me system. currently you have 2 or 3 (i believe it is 3; the terminal, drive, and storage bus) when you have another 5 connections you will need to add the controller
    also hopefully you use bibliocraft to double books instead of hundreds of endermen needed

  7. Spaces on the RIGHT side of an ME Terminal allow for "View Cells", think viewing filters, the items filtered can be set or modified in a "Cell Workbench". They aren't very useful, I only use them when making mock sub networks. My magical crops farm has them in the terminal by it, filtered to only see the seeds and essences in my network.

    You could use an export bus on your Magical Crop furnaces to keep coal/charcoal in them, just remember you need to specify the item in the export bus filter, otherwise it won't pull any items.

  8. With a flux capacitor you should be able to attach it to any tinker's construct tool and replace the durability with energy

  9. Valen seeing as you've now used the modifiers on magical me you can now replace the parts with better stuff like an obsidian rod for durability and another blade for even more damage and you'll keep the quartz and moss on it


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