Carl Icahn is one of the most successful and well known investors of all time. Some measures even show his performance to out-perform Warren Buffett. Although he is controversial at times, with his ‘corporate raider’ and ‘activist investor’ approach, there is no denying that he is an incredibly consistent, successful and legendary investor. This has led him to accruing a net worth of $17 billion and even being asked to become a Special Advisor to President Trump on tax reforms.

In this video we look at his background, how he got started investing and what we can learn for our own investments.

Presented by Nicholas Puri

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  2. 2:37 three poker books in a week came back and bet everybody knowledge is power learn from other peoples experience

  3. Look @0:17 He´s NOT an investor (like Warren Buffett) – he´s a ruthless raider. Greedy and stingy. So what???

  4. One of the nation’s leading experts in insider trading, James D. Cox, believes that Carl Icahn’s sale of more than 1 million shares of a steel-related stock just days before President Trump announced plans to impose steep tariffs on steel imports was “awfully suspicious” and “unquestionably” warrants a federal investigation

  5. I'm curious if he is continuing his strategy of buying AAPL all the time as it is falling and falling down LOL It must have been a very stressful strategy lately…

  6. Undoubtedly a legend. The only thing that confuses me is that he couldn't see that Herbalife is/was a huge pyramid scheme. He either totally overlooked it or knew and invested anyway. Whichever scenario is true it is very uncharacteristic of him. Glad bill won that battle and his short possition eventually turned out profitable.

  7. Loved the video, I resonate a lot with his options strategy. It is an incredible way to gain wealth fast and something a lot of people overlook. Thank you again for another wonderful story about an amazing person.

  8. how is apple difficult to hedge? what kind of hedging are we talking here? market neutral dollar neutral?

  9. Reminds me of the movie, Iron Man. Obadiah Stane was "the capitalist pig", the finance money guy, but deep down, there was this envy, because he could not create anything like Tony Stark, "soviet-like red-gold, worker-hero" could. And when he wrested control of "the steering wheel" from Tony, the company, Stark Industries, suffered, far worse than under Tony's reign.

  10. Poison Pills are great for OPMIs (ordinary passive minority investors). M and A guys hate them. Under the guise of "shareholder rights activism", the "big kahunas" and speculators attempt to ensure companies do not have such provisions, to permit the possibility of hostile takeovers. The movie, Wall Street, and its sequel, Wall Street Never Sleeps, are underrated. I think Icahn sees himself more as Sir Lawrence than as Gekko. But I imagine they all do.

  11. So he basically bought a huge chunk of a company and had enough power to reshape the under performing company and when the stock does well he profits?


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