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Camera oriented laser cutting machine for knitting sports shoes
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A. Product information:
Model: GH1610T-AT-CCD
Application: cutting for knitted vamp, normal uppers/soles (material in roll)
1. Camera for positioning cutting : precise
2. Fully automatic feeding system for cutting rolling materials.
3. High efficiency: cut 900 pairs of knitted vamp 1 day with 1 laser heads (10 hours)
4. High precision: cutting tolerance within +/-0.2mm
5. Seal cutting edge automatically. No frayed edge.
6. Save time and money: no need to make any cutting dies.
7. Flexible: cut any complicated design at any time.
8. High quality: No burnt or yellow cutting edge. Smooth edge without burring
9. Save labor cost: 1 worker can operate 5-10 machines.
10. Single or double heads following instruction freely.
11. 3 different ways of data transferring: USB, PC and internet.

B. Product specification:
1. Laser tube: CO2 laser tube
2. Laser power≤ 90w*2
3. Cutting Area: 1600x1000mm
4. Cooling Method: water cooling
5. Driving System: Step Motor
6. Machine package: 2430*2200*1180mm
7. Gross Weight/Net weight: 800KG/585KG

C. When sending inquiry, please advice:
1. Material type & size:
2. Material thickness:
3. Material format: in piece or in rolling
4. Daily production:
5. Business type: shoes factory or machine distributor
6. Contact information: company name, e-mail, country, telephone #, etc.

D. About Gbos Laser:
1. Focus on providing professional laser solution for shoes industry for 12 years.
2. Machines are used to make shoes for Nike, Adidas, Gucci and other famous brands.
3. More than 30,000 end users around the world.
4. Market covers 90+ countries.
5. 30+ national patents
6. 150+ laser machines for 200+ applications in shoe making industry.

Contact information:
Collin Yang
Specialist of laser solution for footwear production
ADD:Taichufang Village Tongsha Scien- Tech Industrial Park Dongguan City Guangdong, China
Mobile / whatsapp / wechat:0086-136 2006 0529
T: 0086-769-88990609
F: 0086-769-88990677 U :
E: Skype:


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