September 9, 2020
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KING KONG vs GODZILLA GAME Kong Skull Island + Godzilla Surprise Toys Slime Wheel Kids Games. Guess which King Kong or Godzilla character has surprise slime in its punchbox and then vote for your favorite toy from King Kong or Godzilla. With the new Kong: Skull Island Movie coming out in 2017, we decided to scoop up some really cool KING KONG TOYS and have a kids toy challenge game between the two monsters. Surprise toys included in this video: Godzilla Final Wars Gigan Bandai 2005 deluxe Japanese figure, 12″ Mechagodzilla figure, King Kong in Chains with Stage and Ann deluxe box set by McFarlane Toys, Godzilla Yubi’s Blind Bag figure, KONG Skull Island Game, Godzilla Chibi Figure 2-packs Gigan and Destroyah + Godzilla and MUTO, (2) Life-like Kong Key Chains, Godzilla movie musical piggy bank, Tomica Godzilla vehicle and more surprise toys.

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Who do you like better KING KONG or GODZILLA?
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