How to Play "STACK CUP" by the Game Doctor (Drinking Game)


Stack Cup is a fast, action packed game that will keep you on your toes with cups circling the table. It is best with four or more players and 10 or more party cups with an ounce or two of any beverage. Two players will start the game by bouncing a ping pong ball into their own cup. If they get the ball on the first try then they can pass the cup to any player EXCEPT the one still attempting to bounce their ball in. If they bounce it in in two or more then they simply slide the cup and ball to the right. If the person immediately to your right is still attempting to bounce their ball and you catch up to them, then you stack your cup on theirs, the stack of cups moves on to the next player in line while the player that got stacked must drink from the center and continue playing.


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  1. I used to play this a lot with my mates back in the day , super fun game 👌 way better than king's cup and BP

  2. We have always passed to the left have never seen it played passed to the right but I guess that’s not super important

  3. Finally I know how to play this game!! Every time I have played this game I've just been really drunk and just do what ever one else tells me to lol


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