how i got clear skin from the aztec face mask


hey bells!
i hope you enjoyed this video!
the aztec healing clay face mask was a success, and i 10/10 reccomend it for all skin types!
here is where you can purchase the items:

i love you all!!!


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  1. You weren’t supposed to use a medal spoon …. it takes away the chemicals in the mask that’s supposed to help ur skin … everything that u use to mix and put it on ur face has to be plastic or silicone..

  2. Hey guys! Just a tip for if you broke out with this mask :your skin is in the purging phase! Drink water, stay hydrated and be ready to have clear skin in a couple weeks!❤️

  3. the clay has electrical charges that makes your skin pulsate wich is why the mask fizzes when you mix it and metal neutralizes the electrical charges and the mask won’t be able to do its job

  4. Try not to touch your face!!! especially to pop pimples (Use a spot treatment instead. Releasing the bacteria & sebum in surrounding areas causes spread and will never end) Once I became more aware of how often I put my oily, dirty fingers on my sensitive face.. its life-changing. Products are great to reduce problems but if you kick it in the butt where it starts you will see the most results. <3 xx

  5. Your acne looks a lot better by day 5. Everyone's warning you about the metal spoons. Did you read all of the instructions? No metal spoons and bowls to mix this. Also your hands keep going from your hair to your face. A big no no.

  6. OMG whyyyyyy is ppl no read directions BISH 🤯 how id they so dumb(NOT trying to be mean) READ THE DIRECTIONS plz don't use metal thats y u no get big resulta 🙄


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