GUESS WHO'S BACK – Bratz: Forever Diamondz – PART 1


Let’s play Bratz: Forever Diamondz for GameCube! THE BRATZ ARE BACK! And now they have a semi truck that turns into a fashion runway.

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  1. I think I played this on game boy. Btw Joe, you from the south? You sound like it at some points in your videos.

  2. Omg I remember I used to always play this everyday after I came home from school and now I just want to buy a ps2 again and play this game

  3. I remember playing this game when I was little. The game would never save so I had to restart playing it all the time, until one day I beat the game in one sitting. Aaah, good times.

  4. I love you for this! This game was my childhood, i used to play it over and over for hours!!! 😙❤ unfortunately I can't play it anymore because the game was lost and the PS2 broke I'll live vicariously through you.

  5. Back when I was little, this was my favorite game to play. Eventually, it got all scratched up and I couldn't play a lot of it and the end scene wouldn't even play at all.

  6. I loved these games growing up😂 I still own all three and I'm thinking about doing a Let's Play of my own.

  7. Ok, this is my first video I've ever watched from you and I am only 6 minutes in AND I AM ALREADY SUBSCRIBED! YOU'RE SO FUNNY! 😍😂

  8. If you press "L" then you can make Pumpkin sit or stand, even if you ever run out of treats you can still give her one.

  9. It would have been cool if you could play as the new girl, it really looked like they were going to do that! Maybe they let you later on?

  10. The boys look only slightly less derp, as in less of the ankle length JNCOs but keeping the prescription orthopedic shoes.


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