Final Magical Crops / Sky Factory 2.5 / FTB / Minecraft / Episode 22 / Tutorial


Episode 22 – Today we finish using our Magical Crops! This is Part 2 and Part 2 (see episode 18 for Part one, We start by making an Extream Infusion Stone and a Master Infusion Stone, then we make a Zivicio Infused Armor (which is AUSOME! This armor takes 96% of the damage and gives us the ability to fly!) and we end the episode by making a Diamond Seed.

Craft Zivicio Infused Armor
Craft a Diamond Seed

Lets Install Sky Factory 2.5

Feed The Beast Download / Home Page:

Need extra help with your install, go to:

Need a Server Check out Cubedhost –


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  1. Awesome! Im currently stuck at the wither section before I can get to the last tier. I love your channel and especially your voice XD

  2. +MSUDawg Can you get into thaum craft i tried to learn it for skyfactory but i just don't get it and YouTube is not helping me

  3. over the magical crops put autonomous activator with a re-enforced wayering can. Make sure you automate compressing cobble and have ALOT OF DIAMOND remember you have to use your soul to make the can with the extra utilities etheric sword


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