Exploring the SCP Foundation: The Ouroboros Cycle (All Parts)


Part One: 0:00
Part Two: 21:51
Part Three: 48:17
Part Four: 1:09:50
Part Five: 2:06:17

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  1. 1:07:07 How the fuck is a bunch of rubble and explosions supposed to contain a sentient, reality bending black hole? rofl XD.
    The foundation has reality benders, teleporters, trans dimensional teleporters, other black hole like scps and reality stabilizers at their disposal. But the best fail safe they come up with is a bunch of explosions and rubble?

  2. I'm enjoying this so far, on part 2, but I'm worried that this will just be another example of early SCP where the Church of the Broken God were bad guys 🙁

  3. Part 4: It wasn't Adam the snake betrayed, Eve was the one who gave in to temptation. Adam was betrayed by Eve when she gave him the apple she plucked from the tree.

    Why does everyone think Adam took the apple from the tree? Why does everyone forget Eve's part in the exiling?

  4. I've had this thought before unprompted. I for one welcome our robotic overlord.

    Also, would roco be held on a pedastal/deified for being the first recorded/popularized instance of the idea?

  5. 3:17:45
    not consider it cannon!? It's too good of a story not to!

    This could make for an awesome video game or TV series. I'm talking "The Last of Us" and "The Breaking Bad" level productions.

  6. Is his entire story just to make believe two gay guys as a "romance" plot point is valid? Cus it's ain't. Gross shit man. Rewrite. Also "IT" already did it, and already sucks.

  7. So wait, how did SCP 2399 get off Juptier to eradicate the broken god on earth? Wouldnt it have still been trying to repair itself at the time of the event?
    Also how exactly did the GOC figure out how to communicate with it or "summon" it to fight the false broken god?

  8. Holy shit, this clodded shit clot is just bad. Unredeemable trash that diminishes the merit of the whole of any attempt in this vein. None of this is "good". None of this is irreplaceable. None of this would be missed.

  9. TL;DW for some people, here's how it ends (don't read if u don't want spoilers): Calvin kills 05-1 and right before he's about to nuke the facilities, the administrator of the SCP Foundation contacts him and tells him this: "As long as I'm around, there will always be a Foundation." Calvin doesn't terminate the Foundation facilities, and ends up becoming the NEW 05-1, and Adam who he previously saved now vows to do the same thing Calvin once pledged to do.

  10. SCP description: 'Not great not terrible' Chernobyl plant director immediately after the core exploded, "What dose the dosimeter say?" "3.4 but that's as high as it goes." "3.4, not great but not terrible."

  11. 1:48:45 that's actually a super subtle reference about Lucifer (first being with free will/own will) defying God (omnipotence)

  12. You do a fantastic job with all of these videos. I don't comment much because I let them run in the background when I write.

    I hope I can write an SCP that you explore one day!


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