Every Series 7 Elimination On Hell's Kitchen


Every elimination in Series 7.

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In Hell’s Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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  1. My way of HK7
    16: Stacey
    15: Scott
    14: Salvatore
    13: Jamie
    12: Fran
    11: Andrew
    10: Mikey
    9: Siobhan
    8: Maria
    7: Nilka
    6: Ed
    5: Jason
    4: Autumn
    3: Benjamin
    2: Jay
    1: Holli

  2. This season altogether sucked so bad.

    Everything Autumn had to herself was her "cuteness" – which means jack nuts in a kitchen.
    Fran was delusional, conceited and generally a horrible teamplayer.
    Siobhan was a pathetic wimp with no self-confidence whatsoever.
    Benjamin was an absolute d*ck to everyone, especially to the women.
    Nilka – we don't even need to talk about her.
    Ed made himself look stupid every time he appeared – and I cringed so hard at the scene in the hot tub.
    Jamie was more out of her league than any other chef on the red team.
    Salvatore was more than horridly underqualified for the tasks Ramsay gave him.

    Terrible season. Even worse than Season 11.

  3. THe thing so many people fail to realize is that gordon probably has an idea who the final six are going to be less than halfway in the competition.

  4. And just remember – Jay is going to be the next sous chef for the next season of hells kitchen (taking over from Jockie)


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