Download And Install Command And Conquer Generals And Zero Hour Latest Version (2019) READ DESC PLS


This Game Already Have Serials And Latest Patch Of 1.08 (Generals) And 1.04 (Zero Hour)

Many Of You People Wanted to Play This Game
So I’ll Have To Help You How To Install This
If it Doesn’t Work You May Freely Complain Me (But Not Too Much)

I Don’t Care If You Dislike And Hate Comment My Video
Leaving Me A Comment “Wow It Works The Disliked Button Works” Means You Dislike Yourself

Want To Bring Back Your Childhood Memories Well Here It is

Download Link:

Just in-case You Don’t Have This App

7-Zip –
WinRar –

Just In-case My MEGA Link Won’t Work
(Note: I Can’t Give You The Link Of Pirate Bay Because We Have Different IP Address, So Find Some Other Way To Download The Game Setup)

Serial code for C&C Generals And Zero Hour –
Patch downloads –
To get the game to work on Windows 10 –

For Possible Serious Error Cases –

FAQ Just To Let You Know

A – You Gonna Need options.ini file and paste it to
/Documents/Command And Conquer Zero Hour Data If it doesn’t Work Delete Of All Of Your Zero Hour Data Inside the Folder

Q – Game.dat has Stopped Working, WHAT SHOULD I DO??????
A – Same As The First Qna I Typed there above 👆

Q – Access Denied Please Login With Admin Privileges, what should i do?????
A – Just Because You Forgot To Paste The Crack On Your Folder

Q – It Didn’t Work, How???
A – Just Because You Didn’t Follow the Instructions Or You Didn’t Made or Paste The options.ini file

Q – Will It Run on Windows 10?????
A – Yes It Will Work

Q – Help Source File Not Found!!
A – Disable your Anti-Virus if not
try search some solutions on Websites

Hope You Downloaded And Installed It

A Special Credit And Thanks To Legionnaire Generals For His Help
Sub To His Channel


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  1. download link not working 🙁 Shows this : "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service."

  2. I have a story when i was a child my brother downloaded the and i was very happy and it got addicted on the game and it help got my grades in ihave 99% percent of grades i was happy

  3. Download Link is now Updated
    Highly recommend you to use IDM since its software is faster
    Mega is no longer the download link, since people will complain about Storage Limit.
    so i decided to update its links, same goes to my other CNC tutorial videos (but soon)

    before my comments will get flooded by people asking for links
    i'll tell you, Its in the DESCRIPTION.

  4. honestly, my parents didn´t want me to play war-related stuff when I was a child. I secretly played this at my friends house. I´m 18 now and it took me ages to find the name of the secret game I played as a child. I´ll try to follow the instructions, would be so happy if it works 😀

  5. I Can Still See More complains on my Comment Section

    It is better to Join My Discord Server
    So that i can help you easier

    The invite link is already on the pinned comments

  6. Hello need some help. Got this issue "C & C Generals was not found. Please install the full version of C&C Generals and Try again." When running the setup for C&C Generals Zero Hour. Thank you!

  7. Hello sir, I've encountered a serious a error during launching of both generals and zero hour. What should i do?


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