Croc 2 Walkthrough


Croc 2 walkthrough. All crystals. All puzzle pieces. No damage. All levels. Loading screens are skipped. 100% completion guide.

0:00:00 Intro
===Sailor Village===
0:03:20 Sailor Village
0:08:49 Find the Key! Save the Gobbo!
0:14:11 Croc Vs. Dantini Boat Race
0:18:20 Save the Bird from the Thief
0:24:35 Soveena the Squid
0:30:18 Get the Gobbo’s Sandwich!
0:38:56 Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests
0:47:16 Cannon Boat Keith
0:50:50 Sailor Tribe – Secret Mine
===Cossack Village===
0:55:00 Cossack Village
0:59:17 Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos!
1:08:01 Hang Glider Valley
1:10:10 It’s Just Snowball Madness!
1:14:54 KaBooom! It’s Roger Red Ant
1:25:57 Chase the Choo Choo Train
1:35:29 Flavio the Thermal Fish
1:36:33 Lava Lamp Larry
1:40:55 Cossack Tribe – Secret Ice Cap
===Caveman Village===
1:45:47 Caveman Village
1:49:21 Find the Wheels in the Jungle!
1:57:55 Find the Wheels in the Mine!
2:04:50 Race Day at Goldrock
2:09:27 Venus Fly Von-Trappe
2:13:43 Climb the Devil’s Tower!
2:22:02 Save 50 Trapped Gobbos!
2:30:47 The Village Masher
2:35:52 Caveman Tribe – Secret Mine
===Inca Village===
2:40:20 Inca Village
2:44:00 Save 30 Gobbo babies!
2:57:10 Up the Waterfall
===Baron Dante===
3:04:20 Dante’s Peak
3:07:13 Bride of Dungeon of Defright
3:12:43 Goo Man Chu’s Tower
3:18:43 Dante’s Final Fight
3:22:30 Ending & Credits
===Inca Village===
3:27:45 Inca Tribe – Secret Maze
===Dante’s Twisted World===
3:33:16 Secret Sailor Village
3:38:40 Secret Cossack Village
3:43:58 Secret Caveman Village
3:49:35 Final Credits

Captured at 1920x1440p x32CSAA, 30fps.

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  1. I forgot that Twentieth Century Fox was behind Croc (via Fox Interactive). They missed such an opportunity to expand this series with more games and, possibly a movie. This could have easily been adapted to a 3-D film via Fox and Blue Sky: the same animation studio that did the Ice Age and Rio films. But, now that Disney owns Fox… 😑

  2. I've done every single level in Marine Village and I can't go further, because the pirate boss do not want to unlock! Anyone know what's wrong?

  3. I feel bad admitting I didn’t enjoy what much I played of the second game. There was just something about it that never lived up to the original. I also didn’t like the redesign of the gobbos. Still, really sad to hear the sequel didn’t sell well.

  4. what song is the lil professor guy listening to in the beginning when hes working on the plane i swear ive heard it before please help

  5. The nostalgia is too much for me to handle. What a blast from the past! One of the first games along with Glover and the Original Rayman that started me off in gaming when I was around 4/5. Crazy.

  6. I know some people might call croc a "generic" platformer, but part of me believes that sega could've utilized the character more had they played there cards right. I know croc is not really a memorable game for a lot of old school gamers but I feel they could've turned this into something more. People often forget that croc really laid the basic foundation for 3d platformer's like spyro, mario 64, and crash. If sega didn't screw up so badly, then they could've turned this into a sega exclusive series. They could've given him a memorable name, changed his appearance, and marketed him like crazy. I'm not saying he would've replaced sonic, I'm just saying if they really wanted a 2nd memorable character to promote there sega stuff and had a 2nd memorable game triology, then he or nights from nights into dreams would've been the closet thing to a 2nd memorable sega mascot/character. Part of me wishes that the saturn didn't fail because it had SO MUCH potential but was being misused and not utilized enough to see it in all it's glory.

  7. Omg I haven’t played this game since I was 5! I forgot that it existed! I think I played a demo version though because I could only play the first two levels, and everything was slightly different. I got the CD as a cereal box prize (dang how many of you remember there actually being cool stuff in cereal boxes lol?)

  8. Does games really have to be 4k and such with good graphics? I mean i feel like games are way too realistic and way too much 4k resolution. It shouldnt matter but i feel like 4k isnt something that we need in games.

  9. This would be much more interesting to watch if the guy didnt stop to collect every single gem on the way. annoying as hell


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