Croc 2: The Flawed Strikes Back – Caddicarus


IT’S HERE. FINALLY. Also, I forgot to mention mobile games and stuff at the end of this video, but who actually even cares? THANKS TO BIG BEN INTERACTIVE AND CHECK THE GAME OUT HERE! ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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  1. To this day I can't see the Hidden Block intro in an old video without also hearing I HAVE NOT SEEN SUCH BRAVERY. Just how it is.

  2. "Can we have a new Croc game?"
    and thus… a sequel to Woolies strikes back was made………………… you thought I was joking……… but I'm not……….. it exist…………. they actually made it…………………………*Paws on Fire*

  3. "i want to smell yout trouwers"

    Half the people wat hing this when they taken a dodo, nummer 2, Kaka, baba, yakki, kakki. :^)

  4. It's 2020 and after that atrocious attempt at making a modern Bubsy game, they did it again… yes… in 2020 they made ANOTHER Bubsy game.

  5. This is my childhood. I have played this game for years. As I got older I got better (thank god) and eventually I could finnish the game. Like and subscribe.

    I should have seen the clip before my previous actions… btw I played croc 2 before 1. both was awesome

  6. they just need to make a croc 2 that actually is good and pretend like the 2nd game never happened the first game was great the controls just needed fine tuning we didnt need crappy dialogue a shop system and a delay on jumping. plus the theming of the 2nd game feels so much more childish than the first one I feel like I'm watching baby first tv

  7. does any one who play Croc notice when croc gets hurt he sounds like he's doing a Michael Jackson impression "Oooh!"

  8. I know the game is flawed, but it was the first game I ever bought myself when I was like 10 so I still love it 🤩

  9. Hang on. Why did Youtube make Caddy change the title of his Croc 1 video from Croc Legend of the Flawed to the game's actual title but the title of this video is the same.

  10. He's right, someone needs to pick up Croc. If anyone deserves a revival, it's him.

    If there is another game, they shouldn't make it so FLAWED.

  11. it was a mistake to play the psx version. both games have PC versions that are objectively superior, and Croc 2 is still compatible with modern PCs

  12. For anyone scrolling through the comments, Outcast Second or whatever it was called is the current free game on Xbox Gold. 29 days left, and I'm posting this on the 16/04/2019 – there you go


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