Croc 2 Review – Square Eyed Jak


The saga continues, who is watching Square Eyed Jak?
Why are they watching Square Eyed Jak?
And of course… how does Croc 2 hold up?

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  1. "It's Still Annoying Reaching End Only To Find Out You Needed One Of These Items To Clean Sweep."

    Sometimes you need to buy everything to collect everything, if you know what I mean? 🤷‍♀️

  2. "Crystals Are Used As Currency, Any You Collect Are Added To Your *sigh* Credit Card."

    They couldn't have called it something else lol! 😂😂😂

  3. Square Eyed Jak: The game opens to a cutscene of this scientist Gobbo stumbling upon a satanic resurrection of Baron Donte…

    I forgot that the game began like that lol! 😂😂😂

  4. Crocodile: How do you expect me to raise my youngins here if the lake is filled with your trash!?

    Square Eyed Jak: Well if I had something good to play for once then maybe I-

    Crocodile: Ah, so it's a good game you want to play, huh? takes out a copy of Croc 2 out of the water Well then, why don't you try this on for size!? throws it at Square Eyed Jak

    Square Eyed Jak: catches the game Croc 2!! You must be dreaming!

    Crocodile: Now shove off, or I'll roast ya!

    Square Eyed Jak: I get that reference.

    Crocodile: F*ck off!!

    I laughed so hard at this part lol! 😂😂😂

  5. Square Eyed Jak: So, hang on…you're a friendly crocodile?

    Crocodile: Oi, c*nt!!

    Square Eyed Jak: jumps back in fear hey hey, no need to snap at me good sir.

    Crocodile: Who do you think you are coming to my lake and polluting my home without a good bloody explanation!?

    Square Eyed Jak: Look, I was disappointed with the game, so I came here to cry about it.

    I laughed so hard lol! 😂😂😂

  6. Square Eyed Jak: hears something splashing around in the water

    Crocodile: comes out of the water Yah Hoo!!

    Apparently Croc is Mario now lol! 😂😂😂

  7. i can say on the PC version the draw distance is higher in the cave sections, and they're less dark overall. Also fun fact, idk if it was region based or if it was platform based, but in the US PC version i had as a kid the Jelly Jump's were officially licensed Gummi Lifesavers candy instead.

  8. Fun fact the jellies are gummy candies in the NTSC-U version of the game. Though having the PAL version as a kid I miss the jellies.


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