Croc 2 any% Speedrun 1:20:50 [EX-World Record]


This was performed on PC. Run starts at 0:00:11 when i overwrite the save. Run ends at 1:21:01 when the yellow crystal is placed. Sorry i couldn’t place any speedrun split software over the run because croc 2 is very stubborn with its fullscreen and i don’t have the video editing software to place one on the recording.

Most deaths in this run were intentional to save time or to replenish lives. There were 3 accidental deaths though, 2 on the snowball level and 1 really stupid one near the end of the game on the hover pad.

I use a glitch which allows Croc to jump on hazards such as lava and spikes without getting hurt. This is done by pressing jump just before he hits the hazard.

Overall this was a very good run with few mistakes but there is definitely a few more minutes of improvement possible.


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  1. omg this brings back memories… To think that this game is so old yet the graphics are so good… Such a hard game for a little kid. Even now I sometimes cant pass some lvls ;/

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't seem to be using the turnaround. Isn't that faster than turning around manually with the arrow keys?

  3. so you basically got further than I ever did as a kid in 13 minutes. And I wasn't even aware that you could do that rolling jump thing, cool man.

  4. dude i didnt know you were getting into speedrunning too. nice stuff!
    hit me up so we can be speedrunning buddies :3
    also OBS is an excellent program for recording multiple windows and i highly recommend it :3


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