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A playthough of Kaneko’s 1993 license-based platformer for the Super Nintendo, Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest.

Played through on the normal difficulty level.

I’d be interested to know just how many 90s kids, hands and faces covered in neon-orange cheese-flavoured salt, stared longingly at Chester Cheetah’s lecherously grinning visage on the bag, dreaming of the day when they might join him on an action-packed, cross-country adventure.

That might sound ridiculous, but how else could someone explain how Chester Cheetah ended up starring in *two* 16-bit platformers? I mean, someone, somewhere had to want it, right? Why else would this even exist?

But anyways, Wild Wild Quest is Kaneko’s sequel to Chester Cheetah: Too Cool To Fool ( ), and like its predecessor, it is a simple platformer. You have to collect pieces of a map that were shredded by Mean Eugene… a sinister name if I’ve ever heard one. Oh, and of course, Cheetos can be collected for extra lives.

Thankfully, Wild Wild Quest is a big improvement over Too Cool to Fool. The graphics are much, much better (though slowdown plagues the game constantly), with better art design, color, and animation, and the sound quality has been improved substantially: the rockabilly music and the sound samples are both surprisingly good.

The gameplay feels better than Too Cool To Fool, as well. It’s simplistic, easy, lacks any meaningful variety (despite the occasional vehicle stages, since they just feel like auto scrolling versions of the platform stages), and the controls are sluggish. It’s not great, it’s not terrible – it’s serviceable. It’s the kind of game you would’ve popped in because you were bored and wanted to pass the time with something that wouldn’t frustrate you.

If you really insist on having a SNES game based on Cheetos, this is the one to go with. Wild Wild Quest is not wild, nor is there much of a quest, but it’s competent enough at what it does to fill a dull, mid-afternoon void.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. For being a licensed game based on a snack mascot i actually like this game but my 2 flaws for this game are the controls and no attack move (besides jumping on enemies). if they made chester have a ability to use cheetohs as a projectile or use his guitar to attack that probably would've helped alot.. Overall i still like this game. Especially it's music ^o^

    To me Omahog and Not-So-Great-Falls sound like something you'd hear on a Paper Mario game.

  2. Who ever made this game is a total genius.

    I love the game, great gameplay and graphics including the music as well.

  3. I wonder if the fat beach lady is in this version, and if her hit box is still awkward af…

    [Watches the video]


  4. The SNES version had the better graphics, but the Sega version had the better music!

    16:05 Best theme in the game!
    20:03 Almost sounds like MMX. Almost…

  5. I don't get how food mascots need games(ik cuz of money but still),it's kinda dumb but this is kinda bad that this game made "chex quest" and "mcdonaldland" and look like the greatest food games ever

  6. It's not easy bein' cheesy, but that didn't stop Chester Cheetah from getting 2 (!) SNES games. Neither of them are likely to set the world on fire, but this is definitely the better of the two.


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