Chandelier – The Best Party Game No One Told You About


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What to expect –

Chandelier is my personal favorite large group party game. Its awesome for groups of 4-20+. Honestly you can play with as many people as you can fit on a single table.

What you need –

Cups for each player and 2 cups to stack in the center.
A single ping pong ball.
Any alcohol or mixed drink. (Liquor might be a bit overkill)

Setup –

1.) Fill each player’s cup slightly with beer and place them in a circle (or close to) in the center of the table.

2.) Invert one cup in the center of the circle, and place another cup normally on top of it, filling it with beer.

How to play –

TL;DR – The premise of the game is to try and bounce the ball in the center to make people race in flip cup with the slowest player being eliminated until only one stands.

1.) One single player is chosen to start and begins by trying to bounce the ball into the center cup or a specific non-neighboring players cup. Regardless of if they make it in a cup or miss, each player only gets a single bounce

2.) If an individual player’s cup is made, that player must drink what’s in their cup and has 3 tries to flip their cup on the table. If the player cannot successfully land a flip in those tries, they are out. They pour the contents of the center cup into their cup (if you want to reuse the cup) or just take the center cup and replace it. Refill the center cup and continue with the next player in the rotation.

3.) If the center cup is made, all players but the thrower race to finish their drinks and flip their cups. The last player to finish flipping (decided by popular vote) is removed from the game. In the event of a tie, the players who tied each take turns flipping their cups 1 at a time. The first player to be unsuccessful at flipping their cup while their opponent does flip their cup is eliminated. Again, they must drink the beer in the center one way or another.

4.) If the player shooting misses all cups, they simply pass the ball to the next player.

5.) When the competition narrows down to 2 players remaining, they face off in a duel. The only difference this time around, is that when the center cup is made the thrower ALSO has to drink and flip their cup. The first player to finish wins.

Additional Rules:

– If there are less than 7 players, consider adding 2 or 3 strikes. Instead of being eliminated a player receives a strike upon losing a round, and is completely eliminated once they reach the strike limit set at the start.

– If your group doesn’t want to chug a beer for each player that is eliminated, consider filling the center cup with water

– If you want to increase difficulty, when a player fails to make it into a single cup, they must finish their drink and refill it before they hand the ball to the next player (no flipping required)

-More rules/content available soon to Patreons


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