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“Buried Beneath” is currently just a demo in which you avoid a disembodied head. He doesn’t want you flipping any switches or opening any doors, so beware! Thanks for watching!


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  1. Watching at midnight and my heart skipped a beat st the first jumps scare.. fml I seem this video before too

  2. I like how John and Markiplier both give their constructive criticism at the end of their videos to help 13 year old (now around 15 year old) developer in the future

  3. If anyone has come from "The designers curse" – did you see the safe/door around 2:50 that's identical to the one used at the beginning in his cell of his second game? I wonder if it's just an asset he likes using or if these games are potentially linked.

  4. Btw, Christian. I know this is an old video, but if you ever see this, that monster design is freaky as fuck. Good choice. Masahiro Ito would approve lmao 👍👍👍

  5. John Wolfe is the Gordon Ramsay of game criticism, change my mind. (Don't bother, you can't.)

    He even tempers his attitude when talking to kids (because adults should know better)!

    If only they'd met before the Hell's Kitchen game came out… Maybe it wouldn't have been so broken. 😓

  6. Ya know, I've noticed that a lot of games tell one to increase the volume to hear certain things. I am a person who is very sensitive to extremely loud voices. In fact a loud noise for me causes the same issue with my ears as is sitting in a car while someone shoots off a shotgun from inside the car. I think that the should also add… "unless you have issues with extremely loud and sudden noises". Just my useless 2 cent's I suppose. But seriously, my ears are wrecked and sudden extreme loud noises are a real problem for me.

  7. It doesn’t matter if a fetus made this game it’s still BAD on every level. This looks EXACTLY like something a 13 year old would produce. Quit lying and give constructive criticism.

  8. I've never seen the demo before. Let alone anyone beat this actual game cause it's too hard, no one ever gets past getting the keys in a locker.

  9. John, this was seriously scary for me. I can barely watch (at night)! Your lack of fear is unbelievable to me. O_O
    But yeah, I guess the game is not bad.

  10. That "monster" is the "Creeper" Necromorph from Dead Space 3. Y'know, the heads with tentacles that behead corpses and possess them as zombies.

  11. o-o Wait is it me or is this a mirrored version of the game because I remember Markiplier playing it and it was flipped the opposite way? I'm just curious

  12. i love how this game made by a 13 year old seems to be better than a ton of the other bad games you play . how old
    is the maker of the timore games?

  13. imo it's pretty okay considering the creator and what other shit games are out there. there wasn't any bad grammar in it (although there isn't much dialogue anyway). if it were fleshed out a bit, it'd be more enjoyable, yet I don't think it should be for money. just my two cents…


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