Buried Beneath – A 13 Year Old Made A Horror Game


Buried Beneath is a concept demo made by a 13 year old. It also introduces Floating-Head-Sama.

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Nguồn: https://tinquangbinh.net/

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  1. shit please give me some tips I just had a baby well three months ago and I gained so much weight i went from 190 to 235lbs which is just insane and you are a big YouTuber to me kravin

  2. Lol that jump scare got Kravin xD I never really seen one get him. That was a highlight of this video for me. It kay, it got me too, and I already saw other gamers play this xD

  3. This developer not only made this game, he even pitched up (have I spelled it correctly?) the FNAF 1 ambience; it can be heard at 6:52 and 10:18. And if I'm not mistaken, he had already used it in his previous game "Overnight".

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  7. for a game made by a 13 year old this is pretty good… I've been watching Minx and Sinow's SOS series and they've played worse games there and those games probably were made by adults

  8. One thing I found quite good for fitness was buying a DeskCycle – I spend a lot of time at my desk, so making my work, video watching, and gaming time also workout time makes a big difference even when pedalling fairly slowly. I don't think it would work for recording because although the DeskCycle itself is almost silent chairs tend to squeak. Still, it might work for editing etc.

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  12. "I think he walked all the way back". I hardly doubt he walked though 😀

    You know those jumpscares when you see an open door all the way down a long hallway and something suddenly runs super fast? Of course once you get to the door there is nothing there. Would be awesome if something actually jumps at you when you get to the door. That would be a new jumpscare for sure.

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    Good luck on your journey! Just know that everything is progress and never worry about "perfection". 🙂

  17. Honestly, it's generic but better than some of the other stuff that gets approved on steam greenlight these days that are made by adults. Though some of the movements are janky and it definitely needs alot of work done on it. Hopefully this person will develop their talent and use more creativity in their next project whatever that is.


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