Bratz Forever Diamondz – Steam Train


Diamonds are forever. Nah bros are forever!

Note: When this was recorded Kevin was single at the time. He is now happily in a relationship!

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  1. Here I am, in the middle of a Backstreet boys Reunion Tour, listening to two beautiful souls talking about love. The sincerity and love flowing through the video makes me hopeful. I love you, grumps.

  2. This was one of my favorite games… it’s 4am and I’m emotional remembering this. I used to play it all the time over and over..

  3. My valentines tradition is to eat chocolate in my bed, alone, and watch the valentine's steam train episodes, and I couldn't be happier!

  4. Honestly it’s hard for me to love myself because I never felt that anyone loved me genuinely.
    I guess I’m screwed…

  5. I remember playing this when I was six and taking 3 hours just to get to that first store and get off of her phone.

  6. as someone who was obsessed with this game as a kid, i was seriously frustrated when they didn’t know how to work the controls or where to go or what to do LMAO

  7. I immediately recognized that girl's voice, and it took me a while to remember where from. For anyone else wondering, it's Olivia Hack who voiced Tai Lee in Avatar the Last Airbender and played Rori's college roommate Tanna in Gilmore Girls.

  8. I’m happily single too. It pisses me off when people or ads or movies try to tell me I can’t be happy until I’m in a relationship.


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