In todays video I take a trip to Forbidden Planet AKA Geek Heaven.
Forbidden Planet is in London – Address: 179 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8JR

ALL heavy metal tunes were made by the master Ethan Meixsell.
Intro and outro electric tunes by Loopop.

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Intro music – Double Helix by Ethan Meixsell

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  1. Vader wins obviously , in star wars rebels you could see that vader is so strong in the force because he was able to lift 2 AT-STs with hardly any effort

  2. I don’t think Thanos has anything to keep Vader’s lightsaber at bay and that’s not counting the fact that he will also use the force against him. Vader wins 95% of the time

  3. i need this thanos, I have the gold spiderman and this would be perfect.

    Although thanos is a strong being, Darth vader has far too much depth in power and combat knowledge. Thanos Is pur strength with mastered martial arts though vader has natural ability that thanos can't do much about. Though if thanos happens to get his hands on vader, which he should be able to, he should be able to over power vader. Vader just can't absorb the kind of physical damage Thanos can output. Although vader has force, thanos is an alien. He may not need to breathe to battle. Any physical damage caused to vader at thanos's scale should hinder his powers dramatically.

  4. Everyone is going to say Vader because of the force but I think Thanos can have a plan to deal with it and power through to victory.

  5. Watched the whole video mate-o 😀 This was very helpful actually, needed to see what Marvel Legends and DC Multiverse figures they had so cheers! And Darth Vader because of his strength in the force, his lightsaber and the fact that he's taken out bigger things than Thanos.

  6. FORBIDDEN PLANET, makes me go bankrupt, VADER SMASHES THANOS WITH THE FORCE #SITH #JEDI Pick me please 😍😍😍

  7. I do need to go back to Forbidden Planet, last time i was down in the comics for an hour and spent £80 😅 (£50 on graphic novels and 30 on funkos)


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